Service Information

Where is the service held? 

CBC’s service starts at 10:00 AM at Bladensburg Elementary School, 4915 Annapolis Road, Blandensburg, MD

How long will the service last?

We plan for the service to be 60-75 minutes long.  

Will we sing?

Yes!  We desire to maintain reverence in our worship as we sing, pray, read Scripture, and listen to the sermon together. You can download the weekly bulletin here (PDF) with song lyrics and order of service.

What are your current COVID-19 related guidelines and requirements?

Masks – In accordance with Prince George’s County current guidelines, anyone who is fully vaccinated is welcome to attend the church’s weekly services with or without a mask, as they see fit. Anyone who is not yet fully vaccinated is encouraged to consider continuing to wear a mask, as per Maryland state guidelines, but is not required to do so in order to attend services. Masks for children are also optional. We know that most children have not been vaccinated, but we also know that the risk of infection for children has always been quite low. Parents should use their best judgment regarding masking their children.

Social distancing – Given Maryland’s decision to permit 100% indoor capacity, social distancing is no longer required; therefore, all pews are now available for seating. The back corners of the sanctuary, however, will be roped off for those who wish to practice social distancing in the worship service.

Caring for others – Given the rapidly-changing nature of changes in both federal and state government policy making regarding COVID, the elders ask that we all continue to follow the example of the Lord Jesus in loving one another by considering others better than ourselves, and looking out not only for our own interests, but also the interests of others. 

Is there childcare?

Children are required to stay with their parents at all times. To help with this, parents should feel free to bring books, quiet toys, or strollers in order to aid in keeping their kids close and to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Are restrooms available?

Yes, restrooms will be available. 

What if I have been sick?

If you or anyone in your household has been sick, please plan to join us again when everyone is healthy. 

Email us at, or call (301) 887-3537 with any questions about Cheverly Baptist Church.