Temporary Service Information

Where is the service held? 

CBC’s service starts at 2:30 PM at Grace Baptist Church, 7210 Race Track Road, Bowie, MD

How long will the service last?

We plan for the service to be about one hour long.  

Will we sing?

Yes!  We plan to sing together at a safe social distance.  You can download the weekly bulletin here (PDF) with song lyrics and order of service.

What should I expect? 

Social distancing – In accordance with Prince George’s County orders, all attendees will be required to maintain six feet or more of social distance at all times. Family units are required to sit together, and children are required to stay with their parents. 

Worship – We desire to maintain reverence in our worship as we sing, pray, read Scripture, and listen to the sermon together.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. All those ages 4 and above attending our service are required to wear a face-covering.

What about children?

Children are required to stay with their parents at all times. To help with this, parents should feel free to bring books, quiet toys, or strollers in order to aid in keeping their kids close and to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Are restrooms available?

Yes, restrooms will be available. 

What if I have been sick?

If you or anyone in your household has been sick, please plan to join us again when everyone is healthy. 

Email us at info@cheverlybaptist.org, or call (301) 887-3537 with any questions about Cheverly Baptist Church.